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Google Fonts: Automatic Updates

In July 2017 Google Fonts provided 821 font families. Even though we constantly update Google Fonts library, you can update it automatically by specifying Google Fonts API key.

Before you begin

Before updating the Google Fonts library, please, do the following:

Go to the Google Fonts website and check the number of available font families

Then check the number of fonts available in the plugin. 

Specify your Google Fonts API key

If you think your Google Fonts library is out of date, you can update it by pressing the “Update” button on the right.

You will be asked to enter a Google Fonts API key. When you specify the key, just press the green “Update” button and wait for a few seconds.

Please, note, if you create a new Google fonts API key, it may take up to 5 minutes for Google to make it active.

If the update is finished but the number of fonts has not been changed, don’t worry, it means Google hasn’t made the new fonts available for its API. Just wait for a few days, and repeat the procedure.