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The green dot will save your time

Starting from version 1.3, all CSS selectors with previously defined properties are marked by a green 'dot'. This tiny UI feature will save you a lot of time when you need to navigate throughout all your CSS selectors.

The same UI feature is used in the 'Breakpoints' panel as well.

Use the 'Clear' button if you change your mind

If you define many properties (on one or several breakpoints) but don't want to save them, just press the 'Clear' button which delete all your selections within the opened Properties window.

Fast switching between CSS selectors

If you need to switch between several CSS selectors within one section (for example, between 'Heading 1' and 'Heading 3'), there's no need to use the 'Close' button: just press another CSS selector's name (for example, 'Heading 3') and start working with its properties right away.

Make it !important

If you change a CSS selector's property but it's not applied, try to check the 'Force this rule' button to declare the rule as !important.