Font I Want - Font Management and Typography WordPress Plugin

Font I Want Overview

Font I Want is the most powerful and user friendly Typography WordPress plugin available on the market today.

It allows website owners to express their brand's personality by doing the following:

  1. Loading fonts from 3 most popular font providers - Google FontsAdobe Typekit (requires an active Typekit's account), and Font Squirrel.
  2. Uploading custom fonts by simply dragging all the fonts' files from one's desktop.
  3. Browsing fonts in the most beautiful font Library on the market. Searching, filtering and adding fonts to Favorites for time saving purposes.
  4. Working with predefined or custom CSS selectors (like body, headings, and many more), controlling their numerous properties (like font family, style, color, weight, etc.), and combining fonts from different providers.
  5. Fine tuning all properties on 5 separate breakpoints (desktops, laptops, tablets, landscape phones, and portrait phones).

In addition, Font I Want allows WordPress developers to create product specific CSS selectors to let their users put the products' Typography options to the next level.