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Installation and Update

This article provides basic information regarding Plugin installation/update.

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NOTE: the plugin is based on Visual Composer plugin which must be installed in order to be usable.

The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 4.2 and later.

Before beginning the installation of your plugin, you must first have WordPress already installed on a server.

Since most web hosts provide one-click WordPress installation, just follow their instructions.

If your web host does not provide such an option, we'd recommend you the following:

  1. Make sure they meet the following minimum server requirements.
  2. Review the WordPress detailed installation guide here.
  3. These basic guidelines can be helpful as well.

Browsers Compatibility

The Plugin is fully compatible with the following browsers:

  • IE9+
  • Firefox 34+
  • Safari 5.1+
  • Opera 26+
  • Chrome 39+

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To install the plugin, you must first upload the plugin files via one of the installation methods and then activate the plugin itself.

WordPress Administration Panel Upload (recommended)

Step 1: Navigate to Plugins* in your WordPress administration panel. (*See below for WPMU users).

Step 2: Click the Add New button at the top of the page.

Step 3: Click the Upload Plugin button that replaced Add New button.

Step 4: Select the plugin .zip file you downloaded from Codecanyon and click Install Now.

Step 5: In Plugins list find the plugin and click Activate.

*If you have WMPU plugin installed, Navigate to My Sites (top left corner in your WordPress administration panel) Network Admin > Plugins.

WPMU users please be warned that according to Envato’s policy on Extended license (section 5) you must purchase Extended License of the plugin to use legally within your network.

FTP Upload (alternative)

Step 1: Connect to your website host using your FTP client (for example, FileZilla).

Step 2: Go to your default WordPress plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) and upload the non-zipped plugin folder into that folder (/wp-content/plugins/).

Step 3: Navigate to Plugins in your WordPress administration panel and click Activate (the uploaded plugin) once the upload has finished.

Envato Market WordPress plugin (the easiest way)

We recommend you to install the Envato Market Updater WordPress Plugin which once activated and configuared will allow you to upload the plugin automatically from Codecanyon.

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Envato Market WordPress plugin (recommended)

We recommend you to use Envato Market Updater WordPress Plugin which will automatically keep track of which Plugins require an update and will update them for you.

FTP Upload (alternative)

To update the plugin, you must first go to your Themeforest account, re-download it and follow one of the described methods.

Step 1: Deactivate the plugin in WordPress admin panel.

Step 2: Connect to your website host using your FTP client (for example, FileZilla).

Step 3: Go to your default WordPress plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/) and upload the non-zipped plugin folder into that folder (/wp-content/plugins/) rewriting the previously uploaded files.

Step 4: Activate the plugin in WordPress admin panel.

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