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Adobe Typekit: Authorization, Kits & Important Notes

Font I Want allows you to easily work with Adobe Typekit (which is a paid service) without the need to copy and paste any javascript code into your website: you just need to connect Font I Want with your Typekit's account, and you'll be able to browse all your fonts (stored in kits) and add some (or all) of them into Favorites.

Before adding any fonts into Favorites you need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you've got at least one active kit (with added fonts) on Adobe Typekit's website;
  2. Connect Font I Want to Adobe Typekit by specifying its API Token.

Working with kits

Adobe Typekit stores all your web fonts in kits. If you're sure there's at least one previously created kit with the fonts you want to use on your website, you can skip this section.

For those, who want to add new fonts to any existing kits or create a new kit from scratch, let's go to Adobe Typekit's website and sign into your account. 

In the search field (on the left) type the font you need and go to its page.

Now you need to add the font to a kit by pressing the green 'Add to kit' button.

In the next window you'll be asked to add the font to an existing kit or create a new kit (just choose the option you prefer).

In the next window check all the font weights and styles required by the demo and press the green 'Publish' button.

Find the other fonts you need and add them to the same kit.

Connect Font I Want to Adobe Typekit

Now let's find an API Token to connect Font I Want to Adobe Typekit by pressing the 'Account' link (right upper corner). On the next page press the small green 'manage' button (at the bottom).

On the next page copy one of the previously created API Tokens or create a new one.

Next, go to the Font Library and press the 'Typekit' link. Then paste the previously copied API Token and press the green button.

When the authorization process is over, you will see a list of all available kits. Enable the kit you need by pressing the toggle.

Now, you can add any fonts from the kit to your Favorites by pressing the green '+' button (please, do it for all the kit's fonts you need).

After you add the fonts to Favorites, press the 'Save & publish' button in Customizer.

Important notes

  1. If you haven't previously defined the domain in the kit, it may take several minutes for Typekit to apply the kit to this domain.
  2. When you activate a kit for a domain, Typekit loads ALL the kit's fonts and font styles onto your website. Please, make sure the kit consists of the fonts and font styles that you really need. Otherwise, your website's pages may load slowly.
  3. If you activate several kits for a domain and add fonts to your Favorites from many of them, Typekit will load all the kits' fonts onto your website. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to use only one kit per a domain.

How to activate a kit for a domain?

There are two options:

  1. You can specify the domain (even localhost) on Typekit's website (in the Kit's Settings) or
  2. Just activate the kit in Font I Want, and the plugin adds the domain to the kit automatically.

Note: when you deactivate a kit, the plugin removes the domain from the kit. But its fonts (that have been previously added to Favorites) will remain in your Favorites. If you don't need them anymore in Favorites, please, remove them manually.

What if a font is available in several kits?

Don't worry. If you add a font from one kit and then decide to delete/deactivate the kit, just add the font from the other kit, and the plugin automatically switches the kits.